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About SLS
Advanced Library Information System is an Arab product. It has been designed to be compatible with the latest technology used in library fields and computer systems.
SLS is designed specially to meet the needs and requirements for the storage and retrieval of Arabic and Latin collections.
SLS is a simple to use, multilingual system , provides many facilities to assist performing library activities, meets Arab libraries need as searching facility with Hijri date .

SLS General Features
• Web based system which provides: Data base searching, Electronic mail, Current awareness, Reservation, Borrowing situation
• Bar code facilities
• Multi database management system support
• Full security control including user rights and privillages
• Comply with software quality control rules
• Apply the rules of version control
• Full Arabic support
• Tri-lingual interface
• Labels printing utility
• Full integration of all library transactions
• Multi choice compound search facility
• Import and export data with similar databases (Marc &z 39.x)
• Automatic claiming facility
• Unification of authority lists data
• General reports of daily library transactions